Navigating Retirement with Financial Wisdom: The 50/30/20 Rule as Your Guide

Retirement is not just a milestone; it’s a unique chapter of life where careful financial planning becomes essential. A well-crafted budget serves as a roadmap to ensure your financial ship stays on course while you enjoy the breathtaking views of retirement. 


2023 Investment Review & 2024 Outlook: Politics, Concentration Risk & Future Returns

Last year's financial landscape was anything but predictable. From shifting interest rates and unexpected bank collapses to inflation fluctuations and a booming stock market, navigating the complexities could feel daunting.


This report delves into the critical events of 2023 and their impact on investments. We analyze the surprises, explore the lessons learned, and, most importantly, offer actionable insights for navigating the opportunities and challenges in 2024.

Feeling Generous? Gifting Strategies to Take Advantage of in 2024

Leave a legacy, lighten your tax load—the ultimate guide to strategic gifting in 2024.

Market Review - Fourth Quarter 2023

From Bear to Bull: Market Rebounds in 2023, Fueled by Tech and Fed Reversal 

Market Up date - January 2024

2023: The Market Rebounded, But What's Next?

Watch Matthew Somberg dive into the surprising twists and turns of 2023's market, and discover the secrets to navigating the year ahead.


The market and economy are doing well; why do some of us feel lousy?

2023: The year the economy defied expectations, but not our anxieties. Dive into the why and how.

Unlocking the Secrets to Financial Advisory Success: Gottfried and Sombergs Journey to $2 Billion in AUM

The Wealth Effect - How rising investment values impact the economy

Feeling spendier lately? You're not alone! Science says it's the "Wealth Effect," boosting your spending with every market rise. Join me as we dive into this financial superpower, and see why that dream vacation might suddenly feel much closer.


Market Update - November 2023

Co-founder and Principal Matthew Somberg shares his market update for November 2023. 



Navigating Economic Turbulence: Key Takeaways from Jerome Powell's Speech

In a world of uncertainty, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell outlines critical investment themes for the future.